It’s a hard economic climate to be in too but the jobs we have won have been very rewarding. Our clients have been very trusting and supportive and have had belief in our abilities; being stoked on strong coffee also helps!

Most of our recent energies have been put into a major terracing project of a large, sloping garden on Daniell Road in Truro. The site was a jungle of invasive alien plants such as bamboo and rhodos which were thriving on the wet heavy soil. Our brief was to terrace the garden into three levels to accommodate a sports surface, kitchen garden beds, pond and seating areas including a fire pit. Oak sleepers were used to provide steps to each level and to retain the terracing. A serious land drainage system had to be installed to deal with the surface run off. The persistent bad weather caused extensive mud on this site making working extremely difficult. All invasive plants were removed and are being replaced with native species. Thanks to Ditte and Peter for having complete trust in us to wipe the slate clean and start new.